It's been a while but our favorite contest is back and ready for you to win some fabulous prizes this year!

The 2021 Pumpkin Smash is here and presented by Town & Country Foods! Starting today, October 11th and through Friday, October 29th you will have multiple chances of winning some incredible prizes that will have you grinning from ear to ear and make your spooky season even better.

If you are wondering what kind of prizes we are giving away this year, well we have it pretty stacked for you all.

The prizes include:

Aren't those some pretty awesome prizes for you to win? Now you might be wondering, how can I enter to win this incredible contest? Well, it's pretty simple. There are three ways to enter the 2021 Pumpkin Smash.

We have ten spots for this year's Pumpkin Smash and the ways you can enter are simple.

  1. Enter the form below, we will be drawing five names on Thursday, October 28th to be in our Pumpkin Smash.
  2. Listen to Will G in the Afternoons on 96.7 KISS FM and he will be qualifying three people to be in the 2021 Pumpkin Smash.
  3. Finally, we will have a signup box the day of the Pumpkin Smash at the Town & Country Foods on 11th on the Montana State Campus and qualify the final two!

We are so excited for you all to get in and win some fabulous prizes this year! Sign up below to help your chances of being in the 2021 Pumpkin Smash presented by Town & Country Foods.

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