MTV’s ‘Real World’ series is almost 20 years old and has had its share of forgettable casts, but most fans of the show still remember Puck. He was the obnoxious bike messenger who wound up being evicted from the ‘Real World: San Francisco’ house in 1994.

Since then he’s been busy building a police record, sentenced to a year in jail in 2009 for knocking around his girlfriend and arrested just last year for a DUI after a car wreck left him with a broken neck and several crushed bones.

Now David “Puck” Rainey is in trouble again. On June 19, he was picked up on yet another domestic violence charge and is currently being held at the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail on $30,000 bail. A court date has been set for July 6.

Looks like that bad boy act on ‘Real World’ wasn’t an act after all.

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