We’ve told you about prom dresses made out of strange things in the past, but 17-year-old Kara Koskowich gets extra points for using her recycled math homework to make her gown. It’s fashionable and good for the environment!

The Canadian student cut, sewed and glued approximately 75 pieces of paper — including colored Post-its for detail — to complete the dress. And she used math homework, she said, because equations make for an interesting pattern. “Math is kind of, I don’t know, more interesting to look at almost,” she said.

Although Koskowich started the dress in March, she completed the garment just in the nick of time. “I finished it the night before grad,” she said. “I did most of it in the last week because I’m that kind of person. I procrastinate.”

Well, while we can’t attest to Koskowich’s grades in math, she definitely gets an “A” for ingenuity.

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