Maybe one day, we will all have the opportunity to ride on a private jet, but it's nice to see where Montana ranks on this list.

If you want to travel to or from Montana, flying is one of the best options. You can get close to the best parts of Big Sky Country and can book a vehicle to get around the state.

Most of us travel through the airport and book trips on airlines like Alaska, Delta, Southwest, or others to get to our vacation destinations.

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If you are saving money, you will probably book economy or try to get an exit row to have more legroom, but you will have to pay extra. Other folks will pay more for first-class seats to enjoy bigger seats, priority boarding, and room to stretch.

That's how most of us travel, but some folks have the funds to fly on a private jet to any destination.

Photo by Chris Leipelt via Unsplash
Photo by Chris Leipelt via Unsplash

Private jets are pure luxury. You don't need to worry about only carrying one personal bag, checking bags, or waiting for your group to board.

Private jets have come under fire because they spit out tons of CO2 and are known to be terrible for the climate.

With Montana's popularity over the years, we wanted to see where Montana ranks for private jet flights.

Photo by Yaroslav Muzychenko via Unsplash
Photo by Yaroslav Muzychenko via Unsplash

People come from all over to go skiing, explore, or visit Montana.

Private Jet Card Comparisons compiled where each state ranks for private jet flights, and we have good news about Montana.

Montana ranks #32 for private jet flights in 2023 and saw a decrease in flights from 2022.

Photo by Ondrej Bocek via Unsplash
Photo by Ondrej Bocek via Unsplash

Why? There could be several reasons.

Montana still saw over 33,000 private jet flights, but when you compare that to the Top 5, that number is nothing.

Could we see an uptick in private jet flights in Montana in 2024? Only time will tell.

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