Yes, yes. Some men are wonderful cooks who know exactly what they're doing in the kitchen. But those that require assistance, generally have good intentions and leave a large wake of dirty dishes.

PERSONAL OPINION: This fluffy, stupidly-named holiday really should be re-named into something a little more modern and in touch. How about "National Crappy Cooks Make Dinner Day" or "Hey, Partner. How About YOU Cook Dinner For Once? Day". Cooking certainly isn't a man/woman thing anymore in most households I know.

National "Men Make Dinner Day" happens during first week in November. (Some calendars have it on the 1st of the month, while most have it landing on the first Thursday of the month.) No matter what day it happens, I'm here for it. Bring on the piles of dirty dishes and trashed counters.

Let me clarify that I grew up in a household where my father was the much better cook, and my mother was the first to admit that. Mom was a very good cook, she just didn't enjoy cooking. At all. Dad loved to cook, so when he wasn't traveling we were destroying the kitchen together.

Whomever is the "lesser" cook, should give it a shot this week. Effort counts for a lot in my book, and with a little luck (and a few helpful tips), hopefully a nice dinner can be had for all. Having dinner together, no matter WHO cooks it, is immensely helpful in bringing friends and family together. It doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be together.

No matter how skilled, IN MY EXPERIENCE, men of all ages and personalities are generally WAY messier in the kitchen. How does every pot and pan get dirty making a lasagna? Lord help those (like me) that do not have a dishwasher. I suppose it's a small price to pay for a homecooked meal with the one you love. Cheers!

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