Spoil his night? A group of robbers certainly tried with Post Malone, but they wound up hitting the wrong house, according to TMZ.

According to the site, three men armed with guns broke into a house they believed belonged to Post on September 1 while shouting for the rapper to show himself. But they miscalculated, because it was the rapper's old house, and he'd moved out months before the strike.

Still, the men assaulted a tenant they encountered, anyway, and stole $20,000 worth of cash, jewelry and cellphones.

"We're told a resident living there was pistol whipped," TMZ noted.

More, police believe the robbery may have been connected to a string of others in the area — most notably, a safe that belonged to Rae Sremmurd was stolen just hours after the attempted robbery of Malone's possessions.

And while Post avoided the robbery, he's certainly had a rough few weeks. On September 7, he was a passenger in a car that got into a serious accident, smashing through a fence and winding up in a collection of bushes. And two weeks earlier, a plane on which he was a passenger was forced to make an emergency crash landing after its tires blew. Post was so sure death was a possibility, in fact, he texted his loved ones while on board to say goodbye in the event he didn't survive.

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