A couple weeks ago, we were privy to the exciting news that Penelope Cruz was set to follow in her hubby Javier Bardem's footsteps and share the screen with James Bond. Cruz as a Bond Girl? Who's going to argue with that, right? Well, prepare to wake up from this pleasant dream, folks, because it doesn't appear to be happening after all.

US Weekly got the scoop from a "production source" that early word of the actress' involvement in 'Bond 24' (as it's temporarily called) was greatly exaggerated. Or just flat-out untrue. According to the insider:

"Penelope is not in talks to be a Bond girl in a James Bond movie. ... The stories are totally false."

US Weekly may not be the ultimate source in hard-hitting journalism, so perhaps we can hold out hope a little longer. The producers of the Bond franchise are notoriously tight-lipped, so we shouldn't be expecting any feedback from them on this issue.

The only thing we know for certain on the 'Bond 24' front is that John Logan is writing it, Daniel Craig will star in it, and Sam Mendes is maybe, probably, almost surely going to direct it.

As for the lovely Cruz, she's actually pregnant (but due any day now, if you go by the tabloids), so James Bond may not fit into her schedule at the moment anyway. We'll keep an eye out for more developments as they arrive ... regarding the Bond news, not the baby.

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