Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit's clearing up a rumored "hiatus" from music by explaining that he and his band are only stepping away from the industry's more commercial side, something that he said is literally killing artists.

On Sunday (July 23), Angelakos tweeted that "Until it is safer and healthier for us to be advocates, to be a writers, producers, and performers, I simply cannot continue making music," drawing concern from fans. But in a statement he's since provided to Pitchfork, the singer's explained he still plans to make music, just not in a way that puts his wellbeing at risk.

In 2012, Angelakos suspended a Passion Pit tour to treat bipolar disorder. He's since been an advocate for mental health, including that which accompanied his coming out in 2015.

"I cannot continue to operate in this space, this industry, due to the way that it functions and treats people that work for it or create within it," he wrote. "It does nothing to promote the health required in order to produce the work it sells. The risks associated with being a commercialized artist and embarking on a typical album release, like endless promotion and touring, have nearly killed me. People often throw these words around casually as well, but when I say that these requirements have nearly killed me, have killed many people, and continue to kill people; I am not stating a fact. I am speaking from a very real and personal place. I live this, and I watch other artists struggle with the friction between their health and their art."

"Artists (just one example of a working class) have never been truly taken care of," he continued. "Protecting health is the first step in maintaining a culture’s artistic output. The music won’t go away and will only improve when there is health and we must stop believing that we must suffer for art—life is hard enough and we all know it."

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