I want this plan to become a reality because it's affordable travel but a safer way to travel during the winter. 

The Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority has been hard at work making moves in progress for the revival of the southern passenger train route in Montana. This passenger train would go through Southern Montana and cities like Bozeman, Butte, and Missoula. 

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The train would reach large cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, and Salt Lake City. It would be an alternative way to travel and affordable for many folks who live in Montana. 

The Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority announced that Senators from Montana and the surrounding states are throwing their support behind the cause. The bipartisan group includes Democratic Senator Jon Tester and multiple Republicans from Utah, North Dakota, and other states. 

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These Senators have asked the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Administration to put together a group to study what it would take to bring back the southern passenger route through Montana. 

If these Senators can get the support of the federal government behind this cause, this will make this passenger train return a reality. The Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority already has the local government, 17 counties, and the Montana Department of Transportation behind the proposal. 

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This announcement is encouraging news for many who want the passenger train to return. The return of the southern route through Montana would provide an alternate way of traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest. Even though trains take a little bit longer to reach their destination, the views are gorgeous, and the fares are affordable. 

For more details, check out the Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority

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