Ever heard of the Rolling Rule?  How much does the parking garage cost? Do I qualify for a parking permit? The City of Bozeman enforces parking rules in downtown because it's busy. Plain and simple.

You've probably received a parking ticket in downtown Bozeman over the years. I know I have, and I've tried to be diligent in avoiding them. Here are a few tips and links to keep you clear of tickets:

  • 2 hours is the limit for legal on-street downtown parking. After that, you're subject to a citation.
  • The parking garage also offers 2 hours of free parking, with $1 per hour after that.
  • Monthly garage permits are offered, starting at $70 per month
  • You can't just move your car down the same side of the block after 2 hours - that's where you break the Rolling Rule. If your time is up, you need to really move your car. (The same side of the same block within 3 hours doesn't cut it.)
  • If you need to complete a job or service in downtown (contractors, deliveries) you may qualify for a temporary parking permit. That will allow you to park longer than 2 hours. GO HERE to apply for a temporary downtown Bozeman parking permit.
  • You can pay your tickets online with the City of Bozeman
  • You can file a parking complaint with the City of Bozeman (1 at a time)
  • In residential areas within the City of Bozeman, vehicles are required to move every 72 hours. (Violations are $30, FYI.) You can get towed after 5 days.
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