GQ named Oscar Pistorius its Superhuman of the Year for a number of reasons. The South African professional runner won gold medals in the 2011 IPC Athletics World Championship for the 200m and 400m races, and the 4x400m relay, and — oh, yah — he did all while running on prosthetic legs.

Pistorius was born without both fibula bones, which run from below the knees and down to the ankles closer to the outside of the legs. This didn’t stop the man from running, however, and in a matter of years he became one of the most renown runners in the world.

One could say — and we are — that he has a much better body than that of his competitors due to the fact that working out is much more difficult without leg support. While his story inspires other paraplegics, his ripped torso inspired fashion designer Thierry Mugler for his A*Men fragrance.

Check out his god-like ad performance below.