Thus far, all the biggest stars in Marvel’s Phase Four TV shows came from Marvel movies. WandaVision has Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprising their roles as Wanda and Vision from the Avengers series. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier features Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, both from the Captain America saga. Loki is about ... y’know, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. These are all big-name talents, but they’re also movie stars making brief diversions into the world of TV.

This latest bit of Marvel TV casting news marks a movie star with no prior MCU history making the jump into the series and television. Deadline reports that Oscar Isaac is in “negotiations” to star as the title character in the Disney+ series of Moon KnightAlthough the character is now widely known among mainstream audience, it is a very interesting superhero — one who at various points in his history has suffered from mental illnesses and split personalities, giving Isaac not only a big franchise to anchor, but a rich character to explore onscreen.

Isaac has previously appeared as Poe Dameron in the three Star Wars Disney sequels; he’ll also appear in next year’s big-budget adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. (He was also Apocalypse in the terrible X-Men: Apocalypse movie, but let’s not hold that against him.) In Moon Knight, he could have not only a big TV series, but a character who could conceivably appear in future Avengers movies down the line. And Disney+ has one of its biggest stars yet. Moon Knight is tentatively scheduled to premiere on Disney Plus in 2022.

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