I really hope someone buys this joint and keeps it a hotel. Just my two cents but I've always loved that the Western Heritage Inn was a hidden gem of East Main Street. It's never been fancy. It's always been tidy.

UPDATE AS OF 12/1/2021: The sign on the front of the building simply says "WE ARE CLOSED". No further details were available just yet. We will update this story when we find out.

Sometime in it's recent history, the Western Heritage Inn became part of the Travelodge by Wyndham family. But it has always been the Western Heritage to me. You can even go back to Google's street views from 2009 and it hasn't changed much at all on the outside.

Taking a look on the inside, the rooms are pretty big and surprisingly nice. (I've never actually been in one of the rooms but I've had a few friends stay there over the years and they were happy with their stay.)

So, what's the deal with the Western Heritage Inn being for sale? We found the listing on LoopNet and here's what we know according to the official listing:

  • WHAT: Western Heritage Inn (Travelodge by Wyndham)
  • WHERE: 1200 East Main Street, Bozeman, Montana
  • LISTING PRICE: $3,950,000
  • YEAR BUILT: 1984
  • SIZE OF THE BUILDING: 18,398 Square Feet
  • SIZE OF LOT: 1.15 acres
  • Zoned B2
  • There is a business center and retail space on-site

You can see the official listing for the Western Heritage Inn on LoopNet here. (It's active as of mid-September, 2021.) The listing is with Absaroka Realty, phone: 406-581-2101.

If you've never even walked in the lobby of the Western Heritage Inn, you're missing out. The lobby is as far as I've ever been but they've always had a huge bear and other taxidermy items somehow mixed with a reasonably modern look. It's a local hotel anomaly. 

"Within an easy walk to all the downtown activity, we offer one of the most affordable options for those that want to have easy access to downtown and the hospital.

The other of the only two "soft-branded" Travelodge motels in the world, and offers guests a unique experience, while providing the loyalty program and other benefits of a Wyndham affiliated property.

We’ve certainly kept its original Western flare. Visitors will find Montana-style décor, including genuine wall mounts in the lobby (come see our full-size Kodiak bear)!" (taken from WesternHeritageInn.com)

Google Map - street view
Google Map - street view


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