I thought most malls didn't start existing until the 1980s, but I was wrong after seeing when this place opened.

Malls are places where folks can shop, hang out with friends, eat cheap lunches, or waste time. Here in Montana, we only have a handful of malls that can be found in the larger cities.

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The big mall craze started in the 1980s and was the place to get shopping done. It was the place to see tons of foot traffic, and many businesses thrived. So when I saw what the oldest mall in Montana was, I was surprised.

Business Insider made a list of the Oldest Mall in Every State, and Montana's has been open for over 60 years. The oldest mall in Montana is Holiday Village Mall in Great Falls.

Holiday Village Inn via Facebook
Holiday Village Inn via Facebook

The Holiday Village Mall in Great Falls is still thriving thanks to having a popular Scheels store inside of it. Other stores inside the Holiday Village Mall range from games to home goods and more.

Some malls in Montana have seen a sharp decline in businesses and traffic, like in Helena, but some malls in Montana are adapting to the times.

Here in Bozeman, the Gallatin Valley Mall will soon be Gallatin Crossing. The mall here in Bozeman has already added the first Whole Foods in Montana and will be adding more exciting restaurants and stores soon.

Gallatin Valley Mall via Facebook
Gallatin Valley Mall via Facebook

The Gallatin Valley Mall might not be the oldest in Montana, but they are making huge plans to be the mall to check out in Montana.

For more details, check out Business Insider.

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