This morbid interest may be something you've only recently gotten into, or you could be like me and have an unhealthy obsession with it. Hear me out, I know I am not alone because whenever I am talking to a group of ladies about this...they all suggest: "You HAVE to listen to this one".

Alright, what am I talking about? REDRUM, aka murder. More specifically, I've become obsessed with almost all true crime podcasts, articles, movies, etc. As I have been closing in on my 417th episode of the Dateline podcast, I've come to realize that Montana shows up A LOT in the episodes.

One murder that took place here in Montana, that to this day brings back terrible memories for the small town of Geraldine, is the murder of veterinarian Bryan Rein.

I'm not sure if what draws people here is Montana's vast spaces, with lots of areas that provide the opportunity to "live remotely," so to say, or if people unrealistically believe that Montana is the perfect place to "start over".

For Clarnell, mother of serial killer Edmund Kemper, also known as the "co-ed killer", that was her exact thought. After divorcing Kemper's father, Clarnell moved the kids to Helena, Montana, which she hoped would be a good start.

Well, that didn't turn out so well. Kemper spent his time in Montana locked in the basement of his mother's house, where his only friends were the rats. Kemper took off to California the moment he could, and it was all pure evil from that moment on.

For some who have lived in the Gallatin County area for the last 20 years, this next murder may bring back some memories, so with that in mind, I want to send out a virtual hug to the family.

As technology continues to grow, so does the opportunity for solving murders. Genealogy is a great thing for those looking to learn more about their "family tree". As millions of people send in DNA samples to companies like Ancestry, 23 and Me, etc., this also opens the door for law enforcement.

65 years after a brutal murder was committed, was DNA able to find the person responsible for this 1956 murder?

Murders happen in every state and will continue. The fascination I have with murder is the techniques used to find who the killer was, the strategy of the detectives, and to be honest, my mind is always baffled when it comes to trying to understand how people can be so evil. There is definitely something fascinating about how the brain works.

Have you heard of any other Montana murders?

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