Monday afternoon the Four Corners Water and Sewer District announced the new Water Reclamation Facility is operational. The new facility was built to relieve the Elk Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant, which handles the district's wastewater.

The new Water Reclamation Facility will allow the expansion of treatment of wastewater that is generated by homes and businesses in the Four Corners area. It will handle treating wastewater to high purity levels that can be then released into the ground to recharge groundwater.

The facility is located just southwest of Huffine Lane and Jackrabbit Lane (U.S. 191) and they began construction in 2019 after it was approved to expanse wastewater capacity as part of the 2016 Facility Plan. As part of the plan to handle area growth the new Water Reclamation Facility is designed so it can be expanded in increments as needed.

The Elk Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant was nearing capacity and this new facility increases wastewater processing by 200,000 gallons per day. This increase will allow for connections with properties that have aging septic systems and new lots to connect as the Four Corners area grows.

Another phase of the facility is already expected to be operational by August 2021 and will provide an additional 200,000 gallons per day or an additional 1250 connections.

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