This new tech could be a huge game changer when protecting ranches and towns in Montana.

Montanans deal with wildlife in their daily lives more than most states. We have traffic jams of deer, elk, and bison, depending on where you are, and in some cases, some residents have curious bears poking around their residences.

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Wildlife is usually easy to deal with, but recently, Montana bears have been getting bold about getting close to folks or civilization. Remember last year when bears were terrorizing Columbia Falls? The town had to make an emergency ordinance to protect its citizens.

Photo by Becca via Unsplash
Photo by Becca via Unsplash

Certain Montanans deal with bears constantly, and those folks are ranchers. Ranchers have sprawling acres that have thousands of livestock roaming free. The only problem is bears tend to take advantage of all the open space and find a snack.

How do most ranchers prevent this? Fences, dogs, and cowboys, but all of those aren't usually foolproof plans. So what can they do to help? Some new technology out of Japan has had great success, but it might terrify more than wildlife.

Photo by Zdenek Machacek via Unsplash
Photo by Zdenek Machacek via Unsplash

Unofficial Networks details how a Japanese town having trouble with bears decided to use technology to help deter bears from their ranches and farms, and it's been working well. Check out the video.

The robots are dressed up as wolves and make some of the wildest noises you will hear. These robots can move around a ranch to be on patrol and have deterred bears from coming onto the property.

Could this work in Montana? Maybe. It's essentially a high-tech scarecrow, but it could work in Montana. If it's expensive, zero ranchers will go for it, but if it's affordable, it has a chance.

Do you think these robot wolves could work in Montana? Let us know your thoughts on this idea on the app.

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