New albums from KMFDM, Dirty Vegas, Bowling for Soup and all sorts of genres today.  Get the lowdown and links to listen to the new stuff inside.


--"All At Once", Airborne Toxic Event - They're the group that did "Sometime Around Midnight".  The new album is streaming at their website, here.

--"Fishin' For Woos", Bowling For Soup

--"Augustana", the roots / rock group Augustana

--"The Funk Capitol Of The World", Bootsy Collins - His guests include:  Parliament vets George Clinton and Bernie Warrell, plus Snoop Dogg, Chuck D, Ice Cube, Bela Fleck and, no joke, Samuel L. Jackson.

--"Todd Rundgren’s Johnson", Todd Rundgren - An covers album of songs by old-school blues singer Robert Johnson.  The double-entendre in the title was probably intentional, judging by the album cover.  -See it, and

Tab Benoit - Medicine

listen to the album, here.

--"Medicine", blues guitarist Tab Benoit

--"Take Care, Take Care, Take Care", Explosions In The Sky

--"The Wombats Proudly Present . . . This Modern Glitch", The Wombats

--"Thecontrollersphere", Of Montreal - It's a five-song EP.

--"Crazy Little Things", Lynda Carter . . . a.k.a. The Original Wonder Woman.  According to the press release, "Lynda performs her distinctive versions of jazz, blues, country and pop which has earned her rave reviews across the country."

Dirty Vegas - Electric Love

--"Electric Love", the British electro group Dirty Vegas

--"Atavist", the metal group Otep (--It includes a cover of the Doors' song "Not to Touch the Earth".)

--"WTF?!", the industrial metal group KMFDM - It includes a track called "Death and Burial of C.R.", which was inspired by the British nursery rhyme "Who Killed Cock Robin." You can find the nursery rhyme on Wikipedia, here.

--"Ripples", Above Symmetry - This is a Norwegian metal band that used to be known as Aspera.  It appears that the CD may not be out until next week, but it's out digitally today.  You can give it a listen, here.

--"Let's Be Animals", The Downtown Fiction (--A new pop rock band

Silverstein - Rescue

from Virginia.  This is their debut album.  You can check them out, here.)

--"The Rescue", the Canadian hard rock band Silverstein - Listen to the album, here.

--"The Fast Years 2: Destination", the "new wave hip-hop" duo New Day.  - It's the follow-up to "The Fast Years", which came out last year.  It looks like this is a digital-only release.  You can give the album a listen, here.

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