The new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is out this weekend.  This one titled "On Stranger Tides",  Johnny Depp is on a quest for the fountain of youth with Penelope Cruz as his romantic interest.   Watch the trailer as well as a couple limited released movies: "Boodworth", "Midnight in Paris" and "Hard Breakers"

Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush are back as Jack Sparrow and Barbosa, with Penelope Cruz joining the cast as Jack Sparrow's love interest on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth.  Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley aren't in this one.

"Bloodworth" (R) (Limited)

Kris Kristofferson plays a guy who abandoned his wife and sons 40 years earlier, and is trying to connect with the grandson he never knew.  Dwight Yoakam and Val Kilmer play his sons, and Hilary Duff is the grandson's girlfriend.

"Midnight in Paris" (PG-13) (Limited)

A Woody Allen comedy starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.  Owen becomes addicted to the Paris night-life, but keeps it a secret from his fiancé.  Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, and hot French First Lady Carla Bruni are in it too.  Rachel and Michael Sheen are dating now, after meeting on the set of this film.

"Hard Breakers" (R) (Limited)

Sophie Monk and Cameron Richardson take their pent-up sexual frustration out on unsuspecting men . . . who they knock out, drag home, and have their way with.  It also stars Tia Carrere, Tom Arnold, and Chris Kattan

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