12/28 - And this weeks new releases on DVD are:

The American - Thriller with George Clooney as an assassin. Critics and fans recommend it.

Resident Evil: Afterlife - The next installment of the horror video game inspired Box Office hit. Fans recommend it, critics don't.

Tweleve - Based on a Nick McDonell Novel. Discover life of a highschool drop out as he thrives as a drug dealer in New York. Critics and fans don't recommend it.

Mesrine: Killer Instinct - Chronicling the escapes and captures of one of histories greatest gangsters Jacques Mesrine. Critcs and fans recommend it.

Legendary -Teenager joins the wrestling team to help reunite his family that never has been the same ever since their Dad died in a car accident. Trailer in Link.

And Soon The Darkness - American girls take a vacation in Argentina where it transitions from blissful vacation to a nightmarish scene. Trailer in Link.