Chucky may be an evil kid doll, but he was getting a little long in the tooth. He debuted in 1988’s Child’s Play, and then continued his reign of terror through six sequels over the course of almost 30 years. The last one, Cult of Chucky, came out last year. The next Child’s Play, which just began shooting with stars Aubrey Plaza and Bryan Tyree Henry, is a bit of a reboot. For the first time in eight films, Chucky won’t even be voiced by Brad Dourif. It is a new day for Child’s Play.

They even gave Chucky an updated look, which was unveiled online today:

Child's Play Reboot

There’s a clear resemblance to the classic Chucky, with some obvious differences. (For one thing, his eyes are huge now.) It looks fine to me, but here’s how Child’s Play creator Don Mancini reacted to the unveiling of the new Chucky:


It might be hard to convince the hardcore Chucky fans (and they are out there, believe you me) to get onboard with this new version if Mancini feels alienated by what this new team, including director Lars Klevberg, are cooking up. Child’s Play is still waiting for an official release date sometime in 2019. Mancini, meanwhile, is developing a Child’s Play television series. Could a Chucky vs. Chucky: Dawn of Puppets be in our future?

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