A great bar of soap can take your showering experience from average to legendary. Typically good bars of soap can last longer on your skin and make you smell great for hours. So I can't wait to check this place out. 

Buff City Soap is set up for their Grand Opening here in Bozeman on Friday, December 10th, and they have a pretty great location. Buff City Soap will be located right across the street from Sweet Peaks Ice Cream and next to Bagelworks. 

Buff City Soap doesn't just sell bars of soap though, Buff City Soap sells a myriad of cl products that cover several bases. They have bath bombs, hand soap, dish cleaning products, beard balm, and so much more. 

Buff City Soap via Facebook
Buff City Soap via Facebook

I have recently gotten into moving away from generic body wash and bars of soap and buying unique soaps for my shower. The reason behind that is the smell tends to last longer on my skin, and the scents are incredible. Plus, looking at Buff City Soaps website, every product uses natural products and doesn't synthesize anything. 

I love that Buff City Soap chose a location just outside of downtown Bozeman, but that is a high trafficked area where their business will get a lot of new eyes on them. Buff City Soap also opened during a great time of the year where their products are fantastic stocking stuffers for your significant others or if you are like me, buy a few things for yourself. 

Buff City Soap is set to open on Friday, December 10th, check out their website for more details. 

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