Maybe you have heard the news that Rimrock Auto Arena will soon be called something else. Yes folks, it's been ten long years since Yellowstone County first sold the naming rights to the Metra arena.  $100,000 per year from Rimrock Auto and they got their name in giant letters on the side of the building.  Arguably worth it, I suppose. For the right company it means lots of visibility, with the busiest traffic intersection in Montana rolling past its front door. And they got their name mentioned in all press releases, name mentions in all radio and TV ads for concerts and events held there.  Maybe a few other bonuses, like I'm sure the sponsor probably gets a box suite and some comp tickets to events.

So far two businesses have bids out to have the new naming rights for the Metra. First Interstate Bank and Ultra Graphics. I'm neutral. Zero opinion on which would be better.  IMO, it's kind of like trying to sell the naming right to the Rims.  Which would be super cool... I can hear it now, "American Granite Rimrocks" or "A-1 Concrete Rimrocks".  Both would be fitting. But the fact remains that people will always call the rims, the rims. And I think most of us will always call the Metra, the Metra.

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