Not many people know David Monahan, but they sure know what he did. The Irish actor is better known as the streaker who crashed Hayden Panettiere’s speech at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Two friends of mine work for the security company, they got me in but they didn’t know I was going to storm the stage,” he told the Mail Online. “I undressed in a backstage store room and considering Lady Gaga is walking about with a flying saucer on her head, not many people notice a guy with a black blanket wrapped around him.”

This simple act of baring it all for a crowd of thousands — not to mention the viewers watching at home — propelled Monahan from well-known Irish stage actor to international hunk.

David Monahan, Hayden Panettiere
David Monahan, MTV Europe Music Awards
David Monahan, MTV Europe Music Awards streaker

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