It normally only costs $10 to have a bulky item picked up by the City of Bozeman but MSU students can have it done for free in May. Just make a phone call.

  • MSU and Bozeman's Solid Waste division are teaming up to keep our sidewalks clear of bulky, abandoned items such and couches and mattresses as students move in May.
  • During the month of May 2019, the normal $10 charge will be waived for MSU students if you schedule a pickup.
  • Must be within Bozeman City Limits.
  • Must be a current MSU Student
  • If you are not a current MSU student or wish for a pickup before or after May 2019, the cost for a bulky item pickup is JUST $10 per item.
  • To schedule a pickup, please visit or call 406-582-2332



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