MSU Extension's horticulture programs are an amazing resource for local gardeners with a bounty of information, guides, classes, groups and more.

We all know that some of Montana State University's departments are world renowned. One of those departments supply information and education for one of Montana's biggest revenue generators: farming.

Well, that means the rest of us get to benefit from that incredible research and knowledge...but on a more relaxed, average-bear level.

Want to know the Frost/Freeze probability dates for areas ALL OVER THE STATE? No problem. Check the MSU Frost/Freeze chart here. Super handy to check Fall freeze dates, Spring thaw dates and approximately how many frost free days each town gets per season.

Food & Nutrition Information: Here you'll find information on health, nutrition, SNAP program, food safety and preserving foods. You can also submit specific questions there too.

Want to become a Master Gardener? MSU can help with that. Here you'll find all the info you need on courses and what's involved in getting that certification. After one becomes a Master Gardener, they do ask that you spend some volunteer time in the community to improve the health of area gardens.

There are Youth Programs with 4-H: MSU Extension reached and teaches nearly 20,000 kids! There are all sorts of resources here for young people including program availability.

Montana Master Gardener Handbook: Although not free, you can order this incredibly handy 140 page book tailored to our area for $50 through MSU. (Maybe keep it in mind next time you need a gift for your green-thumbed friends.)

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