As a boss, you always want to see people who you've helped grow their career move on to something bigger and better.

MSU football has turned out to be quite a launching pad for multiple coaches during Coach Jeff Choate's tenure. Here are just a few coaches who have moved on bigger opportunities:

  • Matt Miller, just left to help Boise State in their passing game and coach wide receivers.
  • Gerald Alexander, joined the Miami Dolphins.
  • DeNarius McGhee, left to join the coaching staff at the Houston Texans.
  • Kane Ioane, left to be a defensive analyst for the Washington Huskies
  • Michael Pitre, now is an assistant coach at Oregon State.

These are just a few of the examples of coaches who have gone to bigger schools but their experiences here at MSU seem to be extremely valuable.

These coaches helped turn the MSU football team from having losing seasons to making the FCS playoffs last year and possibly even higher hopes in 2020.

For more details, check out MSU Football.

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