Even though we aren't able to go to Bobcat basketball games we still can support our student athletes and win some fun stuff.

Montana State Athletics is reporting that they are selling tickets for both the Montana State men's and women's basketball games to hold a virtual sell out. Tickets are only $5 a piece and the best part is that you can win some pretty sweet gear depending on how many tickets you buy. This way not only selling out the game helping out try to recoup money lost during the COVID-19 pandemic but also helps supports the student athletes for the Bobcats.

Basketball, net and whistle on basketball court, elevated view
Thomas Northcut/Getty Images

So if you are feeling generous, depending on how many tickets you buy, you could win some seriously cool prizes. Such as season tickets for next year's season, signed basketball from the team, a VIP experience and so much more.

The Cat-Griz games are the biggest of the year and the wildest. The crowd gets extremely hyped up and are very passionate about helping their home team the an edge anyway possible. With COVID-19, that won't happen. So we need to show our support for our Bobcats and buy these tickets because they are crushing this year so far.

Let's be honest, the whole sports season has been extremely weird and depressing but we still need to help our Bobcats event though we can't be there for them in person. Let's show them what Bobcat Pride is all about.

For more details, check out Montana State Athletics.

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