I was just revisiting a few of the weddings of last summer and right about now that warm Montana weather is looking very attractive.

In the next couple of days we will announce the winner of The Gift Worth Giving and they can start making their plans to stand on the lawn of the Springhill Pavilion, amidst the mountains and the valley below and exchange their wedding vows.

I always talk to my clients about getting all their planning and coordination done ahead of time so that when the day comes, you can just take a step back and watch the day unfold. And as I told this bride... "you never know what amazing things might happen!"
Yep, "beauty...as it occurs naturally". That's what I'm talking about. And that is exactly what happened.

Unexpected horses - lots of them. Lightning in the mountains, rain, sun and then the most glorious rainbow you've ever seen. Their wedding day was totally filled with naturally occurring beauty. I can't wait to see what may arise for our gift couple!

Enjoy the beauty.

Cheers, Larry

Montana Wedding Photographer