Has anyone seen someone doing this?

The Helena Independent Record has reported the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks has started to look into limits for drone controlled fishing and remote controlled boats.

Timur Nisametdinov/Getty Images

Fishing with drones or remote controlled boats have actually become more popular recently and has led the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks to put together a commission and try to look at the laws and maybe try to figure out where electronic fishing would land.

Drones and remote controlled boats designed to carry lures have been out for purchase for sometime and just recently the wardens of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has seen them pop up occasionally.

The biggest problem have with this kind of fishing is that it's extremely easy to catch fish this way. Drones can spot the fish, drop the lure and the hoist the fish away as soon the fish bites on.

It doesn't take much skill and seems this is more to folks who just want to go and catch fish quickly and not enjoy the beauty of what fishing truly is. Whether you fish by yourself or with a partner, fishing is about enjoying the experience and the beauty of Montana.

The commission will meet on this issue very soon and try to put some regulations in place because there are many traditionalists when it comes to fishing and hunting and drone/remote controlled boat fishing can definitely disrupt a normal fisherman's spot.

For more details, check out Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks had to fully say in the Helena Independent Record.

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