If you are thinking about attending Montana State University this is one of the best programs you can attend to help you learn about MSU. Montana State's Friday Program is back and starts this Friday, October 20 and will be an all-day, on-campus activity where you can learn everything MSU has to offer.

Christian Science Monitor/GettyImages
Christian Science Monitor/GettyImages

Even though I didn't go to Montana State, I can tell you for a fact these help out immensely in getting to know the school you might want to go to. I did this at my college and after meeting people, checking out a class and learning what happens year round, I was excited to go to that school. This Friday Program can do the exact same thing for you and help you make a decision on where you want to go to school.

The Fridays where you can check out this program are either tomorrow, October 20th, January 26th, March 9th, March 23rd or June 15th in 2018.

To register and check out more details go to Montana State University.

You can also check out this video they made about Montana State featuring Moose Radio's Michelle Wolfe.

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