Tomorrow Montana State University will celebrate those students who have accomplished what they set out to do.  Graduate.  If you are attending commencement, but are unsure of the where and when, here is some info on the events of tomorrow.

Morning processional for the Arts and Architecture, Gallatin College Programs, Letters and Science, and Nursing schools starts at 8:40.

Afternoon processional for the Agriculture, Business, Education, Health and Human Development, and Engineering schools begins at 1:10pm.

You'll have to check with your friends and relatives about their after parties.  KISS FM doesn't have that info.

No tickets or invitations are required for the ceremony, it is open and free to anyone.  There are some  celebrations for the specific schools tonight for the seniors that do require tickets. Get that info HERE.

Congratulations Graduates from everyone at 96.7 KISS FM. Remember to listen to those that give you advise this weekend, no doubt there will be a lot of them.   They all have their nugget of truth.  Never forget that the facts and skills you learned in school are applicable in a variety of ways.  You job title may not be the same as what your diploma says, yet. but your readiness to absorb knowledge is invaluable.

See you in the working world!