A topic we don't like to hear about, talk about, or for this reason, write about. But the fact is, we should all be aware of who we share a county with. There is a reason that this information is public. To help us all stay aware and safe.

With all of the new people moving into the area, I think it would be helpful for them to have a tool to use. Of course, this is public information, but I want everyone to be aware because I care.


There has never been a time where I felt bad or sad for the news announcement regarding "John/Jane Doe is going to be residing at [address] and are a registered sexual offender". Not once did I think, "oh that is terrible to tell everyone". Nope.

Photo by GeoJango Maps on Unsplash
Photo by GeoJango Maps on Unsplash

There are lots of different sites that will supply this information, but I found this one to be the easiest to use. You can choose the county you are in or want to move to, it will show you the number of violent offenders, sexual offenders, and violent/sexual offenders.

The question most people have or wonder about is, will the offender, re-offend? Stats are all over the place because, as unfortunate as it is, most sex crimes are not reported. You can check THIS out, and see some stats regarding re-offending.

For a list of offenders in the state of Montana, that information is provided here. With one simple click, you can educate yourself with your surroundings.

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