I'm a pretty regular Lottery player, but I've never really won big. The Montana Lottery pays out an average of $48,000 each day to winners, though, so I thought I'd stop by the Cat's Paw to see how much I could win with $10.

The Treasure Play games are a little different than Powerball, where you pick numbers and wait for the winning numbers to be picked on a certain day. It's immediate, and you generate your own ticket from a terminal in a casino or bar. The games are similar to those you'd see on slot machines and video gambling machines, and they change periodically, so there's often new ways to win.

Allen Stirrett, Townsquare Media

My favorite is Shake a Day. For $3, you can win $3 for a Full House, $50 for Four of a Kind and the jackpot for Five of a Kind. It's one of the progressive games, so the more it gets played, the more money people win!

After you pick your game, the terminal spits out your ticket. You can see right away if you're a winner, but if you want to double-check, there's a handy scanner on the terminal.

Tan Curtis, Townsquare Media

It gives you immediate feedback, as well as the opportunity to reinvest your winnings or cash out.

Tan Curtis, Townsquare Media

I really like how they have a variety of prices for the games (some as low as $1). I played $10 and won $10. It would have been nice to hit $1,000 or $2,000, but I like the thrill of the game — and who knows, maybe next time will be my big win!

If you're ready to give it a try, there are four Treasure Play locations in our area at:

You also can see a full directory of all Lottery retailers here. Good luck!