When I first started working in radio I wanted to make sure I lived close to the station because I could just walk there or in case of an emergency I am close by. The thing in some states that have huge populations the commute to work can be killer depending on if you drive, take the bus, walk or other forms of transportation. I was wondering how Montana stacked up against some of the other states and turns out we are one of the best for the shortest commutes to work.


Thrillist(the map you see above) has the average time people spend driving to work every day and Montana is the 4th shortest at just above 17 minutes. They got this data courtesy of the US Census Bureau and it's very revealing. As you can see New York, California and Washington are some of the worst especially if you live near a huge metropolitan area.

To learn more about the map and how they got their data, check out Thrillist.com.

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