I am very surprised that this was Montana's favorite flavored jelly bean.

So with Easter just around the corner, one thing everyone looks forward to is eating candy. Over at Candystore.com they have compiled research of sales for the past nine years and surveyed over 10,000 people (that's very in-depth research) and have figured out what every state's favorite flavored jelly bean is. To my surprised Montana's favorite flavored jelly bean is...Cotton Candy.

Source: 9+ years online candy sales data from CandyStore.com.

That's pretty crazy. I am not a big jelly bean guy, but I think it's pretty interesting that not only did we choose Cotton Candy but we were the only state in America to have chosen that flavor. I knew we were different, but I am surprised no one else chose Cotton Candy.

This also brings back memories of when I and our old afternoon DJ Joe for the country station did the bean boozled challenge. This is where there are 10 different colored jelly beans and each color has two possible flavors- one great and one not so great. Check out the video below to remember my pain. Enjoy!

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