If you're looking for love in all the wrong places, you may want to consider moving to Missoula.

WalletHub put together a list in which they rank 182 cities across the US to determine which are the best - and the worst - places for single people in the entire country. And guess what? Missoula made the top 10!

We actually placed number 7 on the list, which is an incredibly high number. How did they determine that? They decided to focus on three factors: economics (how cheap or expensive a city can be), fun and recreation (the amount of entertaining and cool things to do on a date), and dating opportunities (basically, how many other single people are in the area).

They broke it down a little bit further too, and found that Missoula is among the lowest in the country when it comes to the average cost of beer and wine, so that probably helps at least a little bit.

Here's the full list of the top 10:

10. Tempe, Arizona

9. Boise, Idaho

8. Portland, Maine

7. Missoula, Montana

6. Fargo, North Dakota

5. Columbia, South Carolina

4. Salt Lake City, Utah

3. Denver, Colorado

2. Atlanta, Georgia

1. Madison, Wisconsin

So if you're looking to increase your chances even further on the dating scene, it looks like Madison, Wisconsin is the place to be. But whatever you do, don't move to Glendale, California, which is apparently the worst place to be, since it ranked last on the list.

Are you single and living in Missoula? Does it feel like this city is one of the best places to be for you?

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