Well, the good news is at least they aren't canceling the winter sports all together because that would have been worse.

406 MT Sports is reporting that the Montana High School Association will be delaying the start of the winter sports season till January 2021. The reason being is so communities and schools have a chance to lower the amount of cases of COVID-19 in their area. Montana has seen a surge of active cases and it's a problem.


That means men's and women's basketball and wrestling will all be delayed till 2021 and they haven't even talked about what they will be doing for spectators for these events. That will be a whole other issue when they get to the start of those seasons.

So far this season we have seen several high school football and volleyball matches postponed due to players testing positive for COVID-19. All playoffs for fall sports are scheduled right now for fall sports but they had to adapt where many of the games had to be playing.

Winter sports practices can start on December 7th to get ready for the January 2021 start but we can guess there will be some unhappy folks about the change. The thing is we all need to be better especially with the huge surge COVID-19 cases all over the state. If we want to expect to have winter sports start on time in January 2021 and not have them get canceled we have a long way to go right now.

Let's just be smart, wear a mask and wash our hands people. Take care and let's flatten the curve so we can let our high school athletes have a winter sports season.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.

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