The M-train is officially back on track.

After teasing new music earlier this week, Meghan Trainor returned on Thursday (March 1) with "No Excuses," a boy-banishing girl power anthem with a pastel-saturated video to match. "You must've confused me, confused me with someone else / There ain't no excuses, excuses, babe / Your mama raised you better than that," she belts on the hip-swiveling refrain.

Trainor, whose spent the last two years undergoing surgeries for a vocal cord hemorrhage, also detailed the new song in an interview with Peopleexplaining it was inspired, in part, by the #MeToo movement.

"When I do look back — especially to when I was 18 and 19 in the industry, talking to older adults, mansplaining was very real, and it’s still real — you feel like you’re fighting for your word, fighting to show them you do know what you’re talking about," she told the outlet. "I finally reached a point where I needed to write a song about it ... It just reminded me we need more respect in the world, and we need more respect for each other at every age."

She went on to tease her upcoming third album, for which "No Excuses" marks the first single. "We have an entire album — except one ballad — of big pop anthems with big choirs that are my family; my family’s yelling and singing on the entire album! And when you hear these songs, you’re just like, 'Wow, that’s loud and powerful,'" she continued. "I wanted to bring back some of those powerful ’80s moments and just big anthems; that’s my favorite kind of music."

Trainor last released 2016's Thank You. A release date for her new record has yet to be announced. Watch the video for "No Excuses" below.

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