Need more proof that champion Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has it all? Take a look at his main squeeze, Megan Rossee.

Rossee is a 25-year-old aspiring model based in Los Angeles. She has been dating Phelps for months, according to reports. Rossee has posted a number of pics of the couple hanging out and celebrating together on Instagram.

Rossee, a tall blonde blue-eyed stunner, showed her support for Phelps by flying out from L.A to the Olympic trials in Omaha. She also flew out to London to cheer him on at this year’s games.

Phelps is returning the favor, supporting her modeling aspirations by encouraging Rossee to quit her job at a nightclub and pursue her modeling career full time.

Rossee, who the press once referred to as Phelps’ “mystery blonde,” should have no problem scoring some modeling gigs in the near future. Not only is she smokin’ hot, but she’s also got name recognition now. Her personal web site crashed when word leaked that she was involved with Phelps, but we’re pretty sure she’s capable of handling all the attention. Just check out this line from her Model Mayhem profile:

“I am super easy going and pretty much down for any type of project (that doesn’t involve nudity).”