It's not too often we should get excited about a new gas station, but this could be a sign of what's to come.

If you are traveling in Montana, gas stations are crucial. Whether you are road-tripping to one of our national parks or trying to get out of the state, gas stations are in every town of Montana and provide a service.

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Montana has a gas station franchise called Town Pump. Town Pump has locations in every city or town in Montana and provides many fantastic benefits. Plus, it's a great place to pick up beer on your way to a party. It's a great one-stop shop.

That's why this news could start a gas station battle.

The Helena Independent Record reports that the gas station franchise Maverik will be building its first-ever location in Montana. Maverik has over 400 locations in 12 states.

Maverik's Adventure First Stop via Facebook
Maverik's Adventure First Stop via Facebook

Maverik has been around for over 100 years and has many locations in Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington. These gas stations are considered the Town Pump of those states.

This Maverik gas station is set to be one of its largest. The gas station will sit on over four acres of land. The location will be next to Interstate 15, a massive interstate in Montana.

Maverik's Adventure First Stop via Facebook
Maverik's Adventure First Stop via Facebook

This could be one of the first of many locations of Maverik gas stations in Montana. Maverik is known to expand quickly with spots in major cities along freeways.

Town Pump has been adding several locations throughout Montana and might be trying to secure its territory before someone new moves into the state.

Maybe we will see cheaper gas prices at the pumps, and it's a win for all Montanans.

For more details, check out the Helena Independent Record.

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