Beer, bacon and brunch. Count me in.

Credit:Ruddy Beausjour/Getty Images

Bozeman Craft Beer Week is next week and there a many different events going on, but on Saturday, May 13th Map Brewing with Fermentana are hosting a Beer and Bacon Brunch. This sounds like not only a fun event but a extremely delicious event. There will be pairings of certain beers with certain dishes to compliment each other and make sure your taste buds get fully involved.

There is one thing you need to know, though - you need to purchase a ticket beforehand to go to this. There are limited tickets available and they are $50 each.

Listen, I am excited for next week and I am a huge fan of not only beer and bacon, but brunch is always fantastic. I think this is a great, fun event to have on a Saturday. If you want more details check out their website.

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