This hotel has been in Bozeman for so long and is a staple of the most exciting streets in the past few years. 

I was on the phone last night with my sister, and she told me that a few of her friends are coming into Bozeman next week, and the hotel they booked didn't ring any bells. They are staying at The Sapphire Motel, which drew a blank, so I looked it up, and The Sapphire Motel took over the Royal 7 Hotel on 7th Avenue. 

The Sapphire Motel just recently opened in December 2021, and the reason why I didn't recognize the name is that they kept the old Royal 7 neon sign. They replaced the Royal with Sapphire and kept the iconic number 7 on top of the neon sign. EDIT: The photo below is an edit and Sapphire hasn't been added to the sign yet. 

The Sapphire Motel via Facebook
The Sapphire Motel via Facebook

That hotel on 7th Avenue has been in Bozeman since the early 1940s and has gone through several names. At first, it was The Traveler Hotel, then the Stardust, and most recently The Royal 7. 

The Sapphire Motel will now be a part of the exciting, developing 7th Avenue in Bozeman. 7th Avenue has been going through some fun changes with new hotels, restaurants, and even a new music venue.

The Sapphire Motel's pictures of their renovation of the rooms and how they have retro throwback vibes will be a massive hit with tourists. Plus, it will be nice to have a hotel in Bozeman that won't cost an arm and a leg to stay at, especially if you have people coming into town. 

For more details, check out The Sapphire Motel. 

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