When asked about a possible collab with Nicki Minaj, rapper Lil Yachty says his loyalties lie with Cardi B... although not necessarily by choice. TMZ's Raquel Harper talked to Yachty for an upcoming episode of "Raq Rants" on BET Tuesday (October 30). She asked him about working with Cardi B and Offset on his new album Nuthin' 2 Prove. The three have a song together, "Who Want The Smoke?" This topic led to the question of whose side Yachty's taking in Cardi and Nicki's ongoing feud, since Cardi and Yachty are on the same label.

"Cardi B's, every time," he said. He further explained that in the event that Nicki wanted to do a song together, he couldn't, as much as he "probably would want to." Yachty and Cardi B are signed to the same management team, Quality Control Music, while Nicki is with Republic Records.

Although he is technically team Cardi B, it seemed like Yachty didn't want to get in the middle of the escalating drama, which had its newest update this week. After Nicki made some comments about Cardi on her Queen Radio show, Cardi posted 11 videos to Instagram calling out Nicki's "lies" Monday (October 29).

50 Shades of Celebrity Feuds

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