If you're looking for a pioneer to lead the anti-Donald Trump resistance, Lauren Jauregui might just be your girl.

The Fifth Harmony member, who's outwardly criticized the new President's administration since Trump's 2016 election, said in a new interview with Vulkan that she's got no intention of quieting down or scaling back her disapproval with the GOP. Rather, she's got big plans to magnify her impact.

"When someone like me, who is in the entertainment industry, which is a huge falsity of its own, tries to talk outwardly about politics, especially as a woman, I receive a lot of 'Shut up, just sing and dance for us, you idiot,'" she said. "Societies have been conditioned to believe that entertainers are just that, but I refuse to be put into the box of a puppet, and I will continue to voice my concerns and knowledge about what is happening right now for anyone who needs this to feel stronger."

Jauregui, who said she's championing causes like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, said Trump's election has been a wakeup call to people who've felt like their voices have been drowned out by out-of-touch politicians on either side of the political spectrum.

"The imbalance exists because so many people feel too oppressed to believe their voices matter," she said. "Empowering these people and reminding them of their worth and abilities to overcome this imbalance is going to be one of the strongest tools in organizing properly. Education and truth over alternative facts are also huge proponents to clearing the way for light in this smoke."

Now, Jauregui said Americans need to fight against the normalizing of hate and its acceptance as simply rejection of political correctness.

"I think this hate-fueled campaign awoke all of the people who feel cheated by the system and need someone to blame that isn’t their America," she noted. "It awoke all of the rightists who have a deep fear of anything different from them, it awoke people who had been feeling ashamed of the hatred in their hearts and had to be “politically correct” all the time around their friends. Most people who voted for him didn’t even claim to, just silently checked off his name in the booth. He gave hatred validation and is their champion: he’s delivering on all of the things he promised them, so they rise and unite in this hatred."

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