Kylie Jenner went above and beyond for her makeup artist Ariel Tejada's 24th birthday. Jenner threw a surprise birthday party, but that was only the beginning.

Jenner shared videos on her Snapchat of the party, even the moment she gave him his gift. He opened the card, the cover read, "Wishing you an extra dirty birthday" inside the card reads, "What a special soul you are. Thank you for being you. You are the bestest friend anyone could ask for. The world needs more of you… xo, Kylie and Stormi."

Tejada opened the box along with it and immediately fell into Jenner's lap sobbing happy tears. "I love you. I'm always listening and he told me when we were doing glam he said, 'Oh my God I just went back again. I saw this ring at XIV Karats I’m so obsessed,''" Jenner tells the birthday guests. "And I was just like on my phone acting like I wasn’t listening and I'm like, 'Oh really cool.' And then I called XIV Karats after and I'm like, 'What ring is Ariel looking at? What does he want?'"

Jenner sure is sneaky and made his birthday extra special. The party featured custom "Ariel" cocktails, a cake with an image of him on it, champagne, streamers everywhere, and a new diamond band.


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