Halle Barry Comes Unglued At Paparazzi

Apparently paparazzi hang out outside of Halle Barry's daughter's school trying to get juicy pictures of Halle and or her daughter.  Yesterday Halle had enough of it and unleashed a profanity laced tirade on them.  Walking up to their cars and screaming "What the [eff] is wrong with all of you?  These are children!" and "Is this the only way you can make a [gosh-darn] living is to harass children?  Because my child is in there!".  I gotta agree with Halle on this one.  Where is the line drawn for the paps?  What do you think? Here is the video. - via X17


Carrie Underwood is #1

Carrie Underwood hit #1 on the Billboard Top 10 this week. That makes 3 out of her 4 albums hitting the top spot. She sold 267,000 copies of "Blown Away" making her 1 of only 3 females country artists to take 3 albums to #1. Norah Jones' album "Little Broken Hearts slid into #2 selling 110,000 copies. Rounding out the top 3 was the 42nd "Now That's What I Call Music" compilation disc. Here is the video for "Good Girl" the first single from Carrie's "Blown Away" - via Billboard

Creepers Really Do Give You The Chills

Every get the "chills" from someone? Like a cool breeze hit you as soon as you laid eyes on them? Well there's a reason for it according to a study by psychologists at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. They say that people consider someone to be 'creepy' if they don't follow or mimic our nonverbal cues during a conversation, like eye contact or hand gestures.

In the experiment subjects were put in a room and interacted with a person who acted normally, or someone who was using awkward or uncomfortable mannerisms. Those who interacted with the "creeper" thought the room was four degrees colder.  So, if you feel the cold come on when you first meet someone, be on your guard.