Edward Cullen seems like the role of a lifetime -- hello, infamy, Robert Pattinson and a ton of cash! But it turns out, R-Pattz got the part after one of his 'Twilight Saga' co-stars turned down the role. Yep, that's right: Kellan Lutz was sought after for the brooding vampire role and rejected it!

"The role just didn’t … I just didn’t care to entertain it,” he told Access Hollywood Live. Why not? Well, Cullen was too surly and brooding for Lutz's taste. (And for Team Jacob's, too!)

“I really wanted to play a happy role or no role for a little bit,” he confessed to Billy Bush. He explained that his role in 'Generation Kill' made him want something a little less dark for his next part.

“I didn’t care to audition for [the role of Edward] because he was a bit moody and emotionally challenged,” Lutz said. “But then I loved Emmett … I’m so blessed to have been able to play him." So will he be down for another vamp flick anytime soon?

You bet! Lutz, who will play Hercules in 'Hercules: The Legend Begins,' gushed, “I love everyone. I loved to work with everyone and I loved my role. I’d love to play Emmett again or even another role in it.”