On The Graham Norton Show in the UK Friday night, Keira Knightley talked about one of the most awkward things she ever had to do for a film audition: show the director her "sex faces."

“I had to go on Skype with [director] David Cronenberg so that could see what my planned sex faces were," she revealed on the BBC show. "They were meant to be horrible sex faces, so they were horrible, and then Skype froze.”

We can't imagine how horrified Knightley must have felt knowing that a frozen photo of her making a weird face was stuck on his computer!

Knightley is currently out promoting her new movie with Adam Levine titled 'Begin Again' which opens in theaters July 2. Knightley and Levine play Gretta and Dave, two long-time college sweethearts and songwriting partners who find their relationship tested when Dave discovers new fame as an artist in New York City. Dan (Mark Ruffalo), a down on his luck record label executive, discovers Gretta and tries to find redemption by making her into a star.

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