If you ask at least a few people on the street in Los Angeles, Calif., Kid Rock won a special election and is now a member of the U.S. Senate. Kimmel used his recurring "Lie Witness News" segment to ask people for their feelings about Rock's election in his home state of Michigan ... in a race that didn't exist.

Readers can press play above to see the full "Lie Witness News" segment from Tuesday night (Nov. 6), which features a team of people from Kimmel's show interviewing passers-by about fabricated news stories -- in this case, that Rock had won a Senate seat in Michigan in a "special election." The crew used fake CNN footage and "victory speech" clips from one of Rock's concerts to make the story more believable.

According to the interviewer, Rock's campaign promises included increase tax revenue by legalizing crystal meth "for medicinal purposes" and lowering the age limit to buy scratch-off lottery tickets to 10 years old "so they could win college tuition." He also has interviewees send congratulations to "Senator Rock" under a litany of fake "real names," including Mud Critterson and Buddy Humpson.

The thought of Rock running for Senate isn't too far-fetched: In July of 2017, fans discovered the website KidRockForSenate.com, and while Rock confirmed that the site was real, he remained coy about his political intentions. His plan, as it turned out, didn't involve politics at all, but rather new music and a new tour.

"F--k no, I’m not running for Senate, are you f--king kidding me?” Rock told Howard Stern during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show in October. “Who couldn’t figure that out?”

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